Mag Game Studio

Cleverly designed Hyper-Casual and Mid-Core games



Our goal is developing and publishing awesome and famous games in the game industry.



Our goal is create comic books and cartoons that will be famous in the world.



Our goal is developing softwares that makes game and business industry better and better.

Our Games

  • Elimin Ayarı

    Mag Studio's famous and unusual game Elimin Ayarı. You need to cook dinner with correct recipes or you will hear worst comments from your relatives and neighbor

  • Influency

    Have you ever dreamed of becoming a famous influencer? An influencer whom everyone looks and likes your photos and wants to be like you. Here is an opportunity for this. Choose a category, post correct and efficient posts, and become a famous influencer. But be careful, you also could be a loser and ashamed!

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  • Balancy

    How do you trust your balance ability? Is your internal ear is good enough? Come on, play this game and test yourself!

    A review for our Balancy game that published on
  • Mathy 3D

    A minimalist mathematical puzzle game. Can you solve math path and arrive to the final slot with the correct number? We'll see.

  • Octopy game mag studio


    Octopy needs your help. He is stucked on the ground and needs to go up. But there are enemies and obstacles. You need to jump with Octopy. But be careful for electric fishes, mines and other enemies!

  • Paradox

    Paradox is a minimalist puzzle game. This cubic came has 15 hard levels. You need to drop small blue cube through the square hole of the big cube. You can rotate the big cube with swipes. Do not be sorry if you pass the whole levels, new levels are coming.

  • Word Find

    Find the hidden words with swipe your finger.New words, new levels.Hundreds of levels.

  • Pertaverse (Demo)

    Our biggest project is blockchain based "METAVERSE" game. This Mid-Core game is in development and will be published soon.

  • Piss Posh

    Try to pee in the toilet. But you must be careful!

  • Shape Shoot

    Tap the shape, explode it and explode other shapes with blast. But be careful. You have 1 tap to explode shapes as much as you can!

  • Quest Rush

    Give the correct answer to the questions and hit your opponents to be first.

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